Place 49 – Day 20: Auckland – New Home Exploration 

We had a few things to do today, so first off we made our way to Takapuna where we popped to the opticians to pick up Curtis’ contact lenses.

Once we got these, we had to go back to Sylvia Park (AGAIN!) as we noticed that one of Kim’s dresses still had a security tag on it so we went there to get them to remove it.

Kim looked around some shops but found nothing, so we got back in the car and drove to Devonport, the place we will be living, just to have a little look around, see where Kim can get work as well as look at the ferry times etc as this is where the ferry leaves from to the city!

We stopped in for a coffee in a really nice bar/Cafe and it was great! Kim had a bounty hot chocolate and Curtis had a cappuccino with coffee which is roasted and blended on site, apparently! We also got a free chocolate with it, which was a nice touch!

The bounty hot chocolate made with coconut milk

We left Devonport and drove home. We then had a salad which our host made which we added some left over chicken and a corn on the cob to and it was a nice light dinner.

Only 2 days until Curtis starts work! 


Mr & Mrs Hale 

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