Place 49 – Day 19: Auckland – First New Zealand Date Night

Kim was up early again to look after the kids for a few hours and then we had some crepes for breakfast.

Curtis watched hockey and Kim watched TV for a bit and then around 16:00 we left to Sylvia Park.

This place is a shopping centre but also has a cinema! We popped there first and got the tickets. There are 3 different types at this cinema.. There are regular, ExtremeExperience & LUX. We got the regular because it is cheap, but the other showings include a bigger screen and 3D etc but the LUX has a bar and lounge apparently which is crazy! So we bought tickets to The Greatest Showman.

We left here and went to some shops to get Kim some work clothes. 

We finished getting the clothes and work shoes for Kim and then we went back to the cinema. 

We went in and the seats were lovely! We were able to lift up the arm rest between us and make it into a sofa! The seats were huge and there was a lot of leg room!

The film was alright, but Kim didn’t know that it was a musical so Curtis wasn’t too happy about that..that being said, it wasn’t a bad film.

We then went to get some dinner! We went to Wagamama as we found out that there was one here!

Let’s say.. It’s not as good as the UK! The service isn’t as good and the food was mediocre… Especially in comparison to what we had in Japan! (Someone’s doing well!)

We both had Katsu curry and we also had Korean BBQ steamed buns!

We left here and drove home to just have a chill night. 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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