Place 49 – Day 18: Auckland – Laser Tag & Thai Food

Kim woke up early with the kids and we made them a den from mattresses, cushions & blankets.

Our host got back from work around 15:00 and then Kim went to a meeting she had and Curtis went with our host and the children. The original plan was to go to ‘inflateable world’ but this was closed so instead we went to a place called ‘Xtreme’ at which there are a lot of different activities and we did laser tag!

Kim was at her meeting for most of it, so Curtis did laser tag with the 2 children. We played 2 games and the first was just Curtis and the children and then the second was with another father and his son.

It’s safe to say that Curtis dominated at laser tag and highly enjoyed it, though he was a little sweaty afterwards!

Kim met us at the laser tag area and then we left there and came home whilst our host went to a Thai place and picked some food up. 

We had Phad Thai, chicken in cashew and Thai red curry. It was delicious (though still not as good as Thailand!). 

We then had no plans, so we chilled with everyone for a while then we watched some TV. 

Kim made a hot chocolate and we had some biscuits (because we’re old) and then it’s bedtime!

Tomorrow, we have to be up early again to look after the kids until 08:00 but then we have a fun evening planned. 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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