Place 49 – Day 16: Auckland – Cleaning The House

We got up whenever this morning (it was 11:30) and we had egg on toast (with a hashbrown) and then we got up and did some housework. Some cleaning of surfaces, laundry and vacuuming.

Once the house looked ‘spiffing’ we popped to the shop to get some food for dinner. When we got back, Kim went outside to clean up where they dog sits (it’s basically a step) and Curtis distracted the dog whilst Kim cleaned it.

We then had dinner. For dinner, Kim made enchiladas (More like soft shell tacos) and they were super tasty! All washed down with a Corona or two!

We finished dinner and took the dog for a stroll. The sky was incredible during the walk!

We got back and sat down to watch Dunkirk. We call it ‘the Tom Cotton film’ as he helped with the location team on the film and he is our friend so therefore he is our claim to fame! Solid film, though didn’t seem that it had finished, weirdly!

Fun day set tomorrow.. Curtis has the opticians, we need to pop to the bank and do some other stuff.. Every day is admin!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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