Place 49 – Day 15: Auckland – New Years Day Mini Golf 

Curtis woke up to watch hockey and Kim slept a little.

Kim made breakfast again and it was a tasty sandwich again!

We got up and ready once hockey finished and wanted to do something fun, so we found a mini golf place which was also a glow in the dark mini golf place!

It was just 10 minutes away and we were there before we knew it.

It was great fun! The glow in the dark element made it even more fun! Curtis started off on a strong run, but after a +10 hole (in which Kim got a hole in one!) Kim managed to claw it back and took the win!

We left here and it was raining, but we managed to get in the car fairly sharpish, even though we did have to walk through a large puddle!

We nipped to the shop to get some items and then we came back and watched some TV whilst eating our ham, egg & wedges!

We got a call from a potential person that we planned to stay with, which are via Workaway, so we went to meet them and look at the living arrangements.

Kim will be au pairing whilst Curtis works and Kim will probably be able to get another job also!

We have our own bedroom, bathroom and living area which is lovely!

We are planning on moving here around the 15th (ish). Exciting times for the new year already! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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