Place 49 – Day 14: Auckland – New Years Eve 

🎉 Happy New Year! 🎉

For us, it’s now 2018! 🎇 🎇

We started the day by waking up without an alarm for the first day in a few days, so that was pleasant!

We planned to do nothing today, which for the most part, we did. We had a very tasty breakfast of bacon, egg and hashbrown in a sandwich. It was amazing!

We were stuffed after breakfast so we just watched some TV, then we had to do some admin. Kim had to setup a bank account and we have been looking into apartments.

We then decided we would go out for dinner and we fancied some Chinese.

We got to the Chinese and it was closed and the other Chinese near it wasn’t so good, so we looked in the supermarket but didn’t find anything.

We were basically giving up but then we found an Indian which had a deal for 2 curries, rice & 2 Naan for $29.99!

We weren’t sure what to expect and it was awesome! We haven’t had an Indian since we were in England and it was great! We topped it off with a beer and all was good!

We left and went back home and watched a very good film!

We then stood outside and watched the fireworks for new year from our balcony as we can see the city centre from there. Stunning view! Only problem is terrible photos and the fireworks weren’t anywhere near as good as London’s!

Again, happy new year from Mr and Mrs Hale!


– Mr and Mrs Hale


2 Replies to “Place 49 – Day 14: Auckland – New Years Eve ”

  1. Happy New Year to the both of you, hope it’s an absolutely brilliant one for you enjoy every second of it. Another first one for you as a married couple. Love and miss you both lots. Xoxoxo

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