Place 49 – Day 13: Auckland – Winter Clothes Shopping 

We woke up again at 09:30 and we had crepes for breakfast, lovingly made by Kim.

We then headed out to Mt Wellington where there is a shopping centre, Sylvia Park. We went there to go shopping for some winter clothes for Kim.

We went into H&M and a few other stores and Kim was able to get a few clothes that she needed.

We then stopped for a coffee because it would be rude not to! Kim had a mocha and Curtis had a cappuccino. They were delicious!

We looked in a few shops and Kim accidentally walked towards a mirror in one of the shops and actually apologized to herself. This cracked her up and to be honest, it was very funny!

We left and got back so Curtis could watch ice hockey and then we had some dinner. We had tuna pasta again and then looked into some apartments around the city… To no avail!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


2 Replies to “Place 49 – Day 13: Auckland – Winter Clothes Shopping ”

  1. I had a major coughing fit after laughing so much about you apologising to yourself in the shop mirror. It’s hours later but it still makes me giggle. Love you loads darling. Enjoy your New Years Eve tomorrow. Xoxoxo

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