Place 49 – Day 10: Auckland – Work Shopping & A New Mobile Phone! 

We went to the city today to get some more admin done before Curtis starts work.

We went to a phone shop first to get Curtis a contract and Kim a phone and contract! This was a pretty simple process as Kim knew what she wanted, so we got that right away. Kim got an iPhone SE and we both got a SIM.

We left here and grabbed a coffee from Starbucks (Someone’s doing very well!) and then we went to a few clothing shops to get Curtis some work shirts and jeans. 

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a huge amount but we did see a good shop but wanted to check H&M first, and that was a 15 minute drive. We drove to H&M and there were a lot of shops including the shop we had seen previously. We got 6 shirts for Curtis as well as a couple of pairs of jeans. A job well done! 

We left here and drove up the road about 5 minutes as we were told there was a cheap shoe shop there. We got there and there were a few and we looked around and eventually got Curtis some. We popped to the sports shop to get a gum guard for Curtis to use for hockey. 

We were finally done for the day so we drove back home. Unfortunately, there was a crash on the main highway back so we had to take a diversion which was also VERY busy and to make it worse, they closed a few lanes so it meant we were stuck in traffic for a long time…

We eventually got back and went straight to Domino’s and got a pizza each and went to the bottle shop and got a 6 pack of Desperados! A perfect night! 

We sat and watched TV and a film with our pizza and drink.. Perfect!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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