Place 49 – Day 6: Auckland – Building a Pool, Building a Marquee, Food Prep & Xmas BBQ

We woke up early (again!) to get the house ready for the Christmas BBQ.

We got downstairs and had breakfast and then we cleaned the kitchen. 

We then went to the garden and swept up the leaves around the decking and then we started building a swimming pool! This was a pool with a steel frame, so it was a little more difficult to sort it out than a normal pool, but it was fairly straightforward. The only problem with the pool is that there was no flat ground, so only one side really filled up, though it did work!

Kim made watermelon punch!

Once this was done, Kim went inside to prepare food and drinks for all the guests and that is where she was for most of the day! Curtis helped erect a marquee and it was also fairly easy but a little tiring.

The party got into full swing and we had some booze and some chats. Kim was still in the kitchen for most of it and Curtis was decorating the tree. 

We had some BBQ which included sausages, marinated steak, marinated pork and lots of salad! It was very good!

The party wound down and we cleared up and said goodbye to people. We pretty much went to bed around 17:30/18:00 after a couple of long days!

We just needed to relax for a few hours, so we just sat and watched The Apprentice final and chilled out. 

We’re up again early tomorrow to look after the kids and then we have to nip to the shop but other than that… No plans!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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