Place 49 – Day 5: Auckland – Party Preparation 

We have a party at the house tomorrow for our host’s family and friends. It’s a Christmas bash and we have been preparing all day!

Kim looked after one of the children for the morning until they were picked up and Curtis went into the local bank to finish setting up his account. 

When the child left, we had some lunch and then took the dog to a pet shop where we were able to wash her! It was a laugh trying to get the dog to stay still or go where we wanted her to but we finally washed her and now she smells lovely!

We spent the rest of the day doing odd jobs. Kim baked cakes and made a Christmas tree from them!

Curtis cleared dog poop from the garden and then, using the ‘weed Wacker’, cleared the big hill in the garden of weeds and grass. This took a while due to the sheer steepness of the hill. Kim mowed the remaining part of the garden and then we had some dinner. Kim made pesto pasta!

We sat down for a bit and then our host came and we helped with setting up a Christmas tree and some other odd jobs as well as planning jobs and food for tomorrow!

One more busy day ahead and then we are finished until Tuesday and we can relax!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

2 Replies to “Place 49 – Day 5: Auckland – Party Preparation ”

  1. What a beautiful Xmas tree cake made up of individual cakes, it looks great. Doggie looks lovely and clean too. Have a good day tomorrow and enjoy the restful break too. Love you lots. Xoxoxo

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