Place 49 – Day 4: Auckland – Life Admin, Grass Mowing & Auckland City Centre

We had a big day of ‘life admin’ ahead!

We were up early and ready to leave. We are using a car that our host had spare so we were able to jump in that to get to the city. Before we left, we put a lot of rubbish into the skip outside, which had accumulated from renovations. 

We hopped in the car and had to get fuel as there was none, so we went to the closest (and cheapest!) petrol station. Unfortunately, the petrol station was closed, so we went to one down the road.

We filled up and got back on the road! We were driving to Curtis’ work to see how easy the drive is and also to park near there as it is much cheaper then the centre! We got to the work eventually after missing the turning we needed and then we parked up. We had no coins so had to change some cash to pay for the parking then we took the 25 minute walk to the centre.

Auckland reminds us very much of a UK city. It just has that ‘feel’ about it. It is pretty calm and relaxed and there aren’t many people (there aren’t many in NZ!).

We got to the opticians and Curtis went in for his eye test and Kim went for a wonder. Kim saw the SkyCity Tower and caught a great photo!

We left the opticians and then went to get some lunch before our next appointment. We walked around phone shops to look for phone contracts and Curtis was ready to get one but needed his passport, which he didn’t have, so couldn’t do that!

We then went to the bank where we had an appointment to open Curtis’ account. Unfortunately, due to not having the passport, we couldn’t do that either so we walked around some shops and Kim got a doughnut and then we went back to the car and drove home.

On the way home we stopped at the supermarket to get some drinks and we also arranged an appointment for tomorrow in the morning at the bank nearby. 

We got back and Kim did some mowing of the garden!

We then relaxed for a while and then had to get some food so we went to the shop and got some mushrooms and other bits for a spaghetti bolognese! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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