Place 49 – Day 3: Auckland – Rocks, Garden Cleanup & Mince Pies

We woke up early so Kim could look after the kids in the morning and Curtis watched ice hockey.

When this was done with, we had breakfast and we went out to the driveway.

There were some big volcanic rocks that were in the way and needed to be put in a skip so we spent an hour moving those into the skip. 

We moved on from this and went into the garden to tidy up. We cleared a balcony of items of all sizes and moved them into the garage and then we cleared the trampoline and tree house of leaves.

There are also some very awesome stairs which are in the forest and lead to the back garden. We had to sweep the leaves off so we did that and if took much longer then we thought it would!

We went to the shop and bought some things as well as had a KFC for lunch. We also got our first mince pies of the year, which Kim doesn’t eat so more for Curtis!

We got back and cleared up the kids’ indoor crafts area, this took just over an hour.

Curtis did some online training for work and then our host came back and we had a BBQ with marinated lamb and some lamb sausages. Kim then made wedges and a salad. It was delicious! All topped off with some red wine!

Hot chocolate and then bed sounds like the plan for tonight! Busy day tomorrow! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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