Place 49 – Day 2: Auckland – Arriving at Our Current ‘Home’ 

At least for the first month, we will be staying with a family and be doing some help around the place as well as helping with the kids.

We left the hotel at 10:00 and got an uber to the house we are staying at. We left our bags and headed to small town nearby to get breakfast. We found a place called ‘Bunglo’ which was a small Cafe. We had a Mochaccino each which was very coffee-ee and Curtis had ‘The Bunglo’ which was a big breakfast with a lamb sausage, bacon, hash brown, egg, toast, mushrooms & tomato. Kim had French toast with bacon and it was massive! Both breakfasts were huge and tasty, but neither of us could eat it all!

We walked around and went down the Chelsea heritage park walk which was beautiful and was a forest walk. We went past a sugar refinery and got an awesome view of the city.

Our host got to the house and we had some pizza and then we played with the kids and talked about what we are doing here and the plans etc. It has been good fun so far!

The house has some amazing views of the city!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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