Place 48 – Day 8: Brisbane – Final Day

Today is our final day in Brisbane!

We did very little to celebrate… We traded in our ‘go’ cards (for public transport) yesterday to get our deposit and remaining balance back, so we couldn’t really go into town without spending a lot of money.

We woke up late and watched some TV whilst eating breakfast, then we did a lot of admin for a few hours. 

We went to the supermarket to find some dinner, so we had a Lasagne and bought some beers. 

We then had hardcore packing session, where we had to completely re configure our bags because… We’re taking a flight! We haven’t had to do that for about 2 months… It feels weird!

We leave tomorrow in the evening but will be leaving the apartment around 12:00.

See you on the other side!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

2 Replies to “Place 48 – Day 8: Brisbane – Final Day”

  1. Well you’ve both certainly enjoyed your stay in Australia, lots of great adventures including going to the ‘Steve Irwin’ zoo, and I know that was one of the things you really wanted to do, so we’ll done. Safe onward journey for tomorrow. Love you lots. Xoxoxo

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