Place 48 – Day 6: Brisbane – Buggy Breakfast & Cleveland Point 

We woke early to get on a train to the centre to meet with Hayley one last time before she heads up the coast!

We found a cafe and went for breakfast there. Curtis had a big breakfast which had onion rings with it for some reason and, we later noticed, a fried bug also, which looked delicious! (though we did get the meal free because of it!) Kim had french toast which also came with scrambled egg. There was a lot of food (and a cappuccino each, of course) and it was very nice!

We ssat had chatted for a while and then we took Hayley back to her hostel and got back home for about 10:45. Curtis watched hockey and Kim relaxed and went in the pool.

We then met with another friend who was over from England, Jake, and he had a car so he drove us to Cleveland Point, about. 30 minute drive from us and we sat and had a drink and just chatted about life and caught up with what he was doing. We were with him for a good few hours and had a great time!

We got back home and had leftover stir fry for dinner whilst watching the apprentice and then we watched the film ‘Why Him?’.

Not long left in Brisbane!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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