Place 48 – Day 5: Brisbane – Beer With Friends, Swimming & Star Wars! 

We actually slept for a decent amount of time today! That being said… We did wake up at 06:00 due to Curtis having a nosebleed, but we soon got back to sleep and slept until 11:00.

We got up and had a lazy morning and then Hayley came over for some lunch and some beers! We had chips and dips whilst having a chat on the balcony.

We finished lunch and then headed down to the pool and had a swim. There was a wonderful little girl in the pool who quickly became attached to Kim, so she was having a great time!

We left the pool and had another drink and then Hayley had to head out and we went to get some things from the shop for dinner. 

Kim made a chicken stir fry which was great and then we left to go to the cinema!

It turns out, we have a cinema just 5 minutes from us, so we went down and watched the new Star Wars film… Like a mini date night! The film was pretty good, thiugh a little confusing at times… As is Star Wars!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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