Place 48 – Day 4: Brisbane – Australia Zoo! 

We went to Australia Zoo!

We were up at 06:30 and then realised it was a bit too late so we had to run to the train station!

We took the train to the centre and got a greyhound bus to the zoo and got there about 15 minutes before it opened.

We waited around patiently for the zoo to open and then we were one of the first through the gates!

We met a really nice guy who worked at the zoo who told us the best route, so we walked all the way to the ‘Africa’ area, which took about 15 minutes.

We got to the area and were informed that part of the walkway was closed but we would get driven to the other part. 

We saw giraffes, zebra and rhino’s in the Africa part. These giraffes were especially huge!

We then were taken to the meerkats which were sponsored by CompareTheMarket! Incredibly hilarious! They were inquisitive as ever and were fun to watch!

Fairly close to the Africa area was ‘Bindi’s Island’. This had roaming lemurs & some other animals. We saw the lemurs as well as a rather large turtle!

We left this area and went and saw some koalas and kangaroos. We were able to stroke them too!

We stopped by to see the Tigers after this and they were incredibly fun to watch! They were playing a lot of the time and we got some great photos!

We saw the crocodiles and then went and got some lunch and sat waiting for the main show at the zoo!

The show is in a 5000 seat stadium and showcased birds, snakes and of course, the crocodile!

This crocodile was absolutely huge! This show is the very same the Steve Irwin used to perform. The crocodile was fed as well as the handler showing the crocodile’s reaction to getting in the water etc. It was a great show that lasted around 35-40 minutes!

We left the show and looked at some other animals whilst we waited.

We got to the tiger area for the tiger show nice and early, which was lucky as the place filled up fast! This was a similar show to the crocodile show, where the tiger was fed but they also got him to do some cool different things, one of which was him running up a tree!

We saw a few more animals and then went to the animal hospital. We paid for the $2 sneak peak which allows you to see through some windows into the hospital and see animals being treated as well see some of the sick animals. They have film playing too from TV shows that Steve Irwin did so we sat and watched those for a bit.

We got the free bus back to the train station and then took the train to central. That wasn’t before not having enough money on our cards, which we knew, so we had to top up. We got one done but the other wouldn’t accept $50 notes so we had to run to the service station to change the note up! We managed to get back and top up just in time, though the machine had changed to Vietnamese for some reason!

We got to central and planned to grab a train home, but we decided to go out for dinner instead! We went to Nando’s and it was tasty…And much cheaper than the UK too!

We finished up our food and came home, then watched a movie called ‘Girl’s Night’.. This was a typical girl comedy thing…It was adequate.

Looking forward to our lay in tomorrow!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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