Place 48 – Day 3: Brisbane – Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary 

We had some other plans for this morning but then realised that it may not be as straight forward as we planned, but we had already woken up early so we had to make the most of the day!

Kim found a sanctuary to visit, so we grabbed an UBER to the place.

We got there and it turns out to be the first ever Koala Sanctuary in Australia!

We went in and there turns out to be a lot of different animals within the park! There are different birds as well as koalas. The koalas are just chilling on trees but you can get pretty close to them! 

We looked at koalas for a bit and then found some other animals. There were dingos, crocodiles, a platapus and wombats. 

A rather large lizard

Tasmanian Devil

We then were going to hold a koala but there was a huge queue and an extortionate price, so we went into the kangaroo area!

There was a lot of kangaroos of all sizes and they were there to feed and stroke!

There were also some emus there, which are super ugly. 

We left the kangaroo area after spending a while there and went to the sheepdog show. This just showed how a sheepdog does its job and was actually quite interesting. Plus, we got to meet the animals after of course!

We caught a bus to get to the city centre and once we arrived there we went to a Churro place where we had a fondu with chocolate covered pretzels, marshmallows, bananas, strawberries, brownie and cinnamon churros. 

We caught the train home and were surprisingly tired!

We had a relaxed evening and Kim made pesto and cheese pasta for dinner. 

We are sleeping early today as we are up early tomorrow!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

1 thought on “Place 48 – Day 3: Brisbane – Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary ”

  1. What a great day and a lovely dog, it certain looked like Mollie (we do miss her) she was a one of a kind we her aversion: not liking phones, sneezes, numbers, cello tape, cutting wrapping paper, etc etc. But now of course we have the dopey Labradoodle Ollie.

    Have a great day tomorrow. Love you lots. Xoxoxo

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