Place 48 – Day 2: Brisbane – The Centre & Botanic Gardens

We woke up later than we planned but it was very nice!

Curtis watched hockey again and then we got ready and headed out. 

We first had to buy a ‘go’ card which is the travel card here in Brisbane. When we got our card, the guy at the station that we got it from was kind enough to explain the train lines and how things work, which was great! 

We got on the train to the city and we’re there in about 20 minutes. We got off the train an went for a bit of a wander in the city. There is a walking and bike track which is directly next to the Brisbane River so we walked on the for a little bit. This gave amazing views of the cityscape!

Shortly after, we found a coffee shop and grabbed a coffee and a cake!

We went from here to a few shops just to browse around.

We went to the Botanic garden after this. It seems to be a theme in Australia that all cities have Botanic gardens, but it was good! There were a lot of fountains and wildlife. We saw what we think was an eel in one of the lakes and there were a lot of lizards. There was also a random turtle!

To get back, we walked through ANZAC Park which had some cool elements.

We stopped at the shop for dinner items and then headed back on the train.

We got back and watched some TV then Kim made chicken and mushroom pasta with a creamy sauce. It was delicious!

We sat and watched a film, The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ which was fairly good but not amazing. 

We have awesome plans for tomorrow!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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