Place 47 – Day 1: Byron Bay πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί – Byron Beach & Meeting Up With Hayley


So, we got a bit of sleep… We were up again at 10:30 but felt pretty good and were ready to start the day!

We had a spot of breakfast and watched a TV show then we got ready and went to the beach. We walked a bit of a wonky way to find it (and saw a man having a poo against a tree) but got to Byron Beach eventually. The weather today (and tomorrow!) wasn’t great, but it didn’t stop us or anyone else!

We went to the beach and just walked along… The sea was freezing!

We walked for a bit and then went to the Central Street in Byron Bay for a bit of window shopping and just some general wandering.

We stopped at the Bottle Shop for a much needed bottle if wine (and a small bottle of Victoria Bitter) for this evening.

We got back and got some admin done then we went to meet our friend Haley who is doing an east coast tour and happened to be in Byron bay at the same time!

We bought a Domino’s and then met with Hayley to go to the beach. 

We found a quite area and ate our dinner with the sun setting around us. What a sunset it was!

The sun was reflecting of everything and even on the sand. It was a great view!

We left the beach and headed back to our apartment with Hayley and shared our wine and beer with her whilst just chatting and having a laugh!

Around 22:30 we walked Hayley to her hostel and then came back to get some more sleep!

We have more fun planned tomorrow and we also are leaving on a bus tomorrow, so more public transportation… Which makes sense given our car situation…


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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