Place 45 – Day 13: Sydney – Mega Painting Day, Walking on Sydney Harbour Bridge & Lindt Cafe

We started out the day again with some painting. We did a 3rd coat on the skirting boards and door frames and painted the door. We then moved onto the walls, which we did a coat on pretty quickly with a roller. We touched up the outsides with a brush and it was looking pretty good pretty fast!

Once we finished, we got showered and went onto the train to the centre where we went to the Lindt Cafe.

We took a while to decide and we chose to share a chocolate cheesecake for food and Curtis had a dark chocolate mocha and Kim had a chocolate milkshake. It was all delicious!

We left the Lindt Cafe and went straight to the Harbour Bridge. We walked along the bridge for a few minutes and took in the outstanding view of the opera house! We also noticed the bridge shaking with all the cars driving on it, which was unnerving! 

We left the bridge and took the train home. When we got back, Curtis weighed the hockey bag so we can add it as baggage for a flight and then Kim made some dinner. 

For dinner, we had a chicken and vegetable pasta which was scrumptious! 

We finished the evening with some TV! 

Tomorrow is our final day in Sydney and we’ve had an awesome time! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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