Place 45 – Day 11: Sydney – Ferry Ride & Manly Beach

We got the bus and then then train to Circular Quay and met our friend Hayley there.

We got on the ferry at the wharf after being stuffed into the waiting area and we were off for our 30 minute ferry ride to Manly Beach. Along the way, we passed the Opera House and the Harbour bridge! It was a beautiful morning with amazing views from the boat. 

We got off the boat on the other side and stopped at the supermarket for a drink and some snacks and whilst getting directions, Curtis’ phone got poo’d on by a seagull! Pesky seagulls!

We got to Manly beach and it was absolutely packed. We found a spot quick enough and claimed it. We sat and chilled for a bit and it was very, very hot! Whilst at the beach, we sat in the sun, went in the freezing cold sea and sat some more. 

At one point, we moved down the beach so Kim could rent a surf board and surf for an hour! Kim had a great time and stood up a few times… It was much easier than in Thailand!

We were at the beach for a long time, most of the day, and then we went back onto the ferry to get back to the centre. The views on the way back were just as amazing.

We got back and took the train and bus straight home and then went right back out to get our healthy dinner from KFC.

We then sat and watched some TV before heading to bed after a very long and fun day!

We’re a tad sunburnt… ☀ 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

2 thoughts on “Place 45 – Day 11: Sydney – Ferry Ride & Manly Beach”

  1. This is such a beautiful ferry ride, I feel so lucky to do it every time I do this route. I also feel very lucky to not be poo’d on by a bird, yet! Nice shots.

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