Place 45 – Day 6: Sydney – Back to School & Bondi Beach

We were up to get ready to go with our host to the local school where she volunteers as we were helping to stock check and organise a couple of cupboards.

We got to the school and we signed in, then went straight to the cupboard. We emptied the cupboard first and then explored what was in it. There was a lot of BBQ items as well as some weird items!

We were at the school for about 3 hours and then we left and headed back to the house. 

Kim made a wonderful lunch of toasted Turkish bread with cheese and tomato.

After a small relax, we went with our host to Bondi Beach! Her some had a surf lesson so we went with them to explore the beach. The sun came out just as we got there and it was lovely and warm! Kim had a little swim. She wasn’t going to, but then the water smacked her in the face so she thought ‘why not?’. It was a beautiful evening on the beach so we sat and chilled there for a bit.

We came back after a stop at Aldi where we got dinner supplies. Kim then made hunter’s chicken with wedges and a salad. 

Dinner was pretty late due to our busy day, but we had a nice end of day chat with our hosts about the change in school culture over the years… A very interesting conversation! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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