Place 45 – Day 4: Sydney – Touristy Stuff 

We decided to take a day off today to get into town!

We had made some plans to meet a friend in the afternoon, but before that, we spoke with Curtis’ family and then Curtis watched hockey again and Kim relaxed and watched some TV. 

We got breakfast and showered then we made our way to the city. The train journey was about 25 minutes and we were soon in tourist-central… The place was incredibly busy and very hot! At least the trains were awesome! You can move the seats to face different ways.. It’s hard to explain but awesome!

We saw the Opera House and the Bridge which both looked awesome especially in the great weather. 

We the  were informed that our friend could no longer meet us, so we went to get an Affogato (yes.. We’re a little addicted).

We got back onto the train and got back but stopped at the supermarket beforehand to pickup a nice cheap Lasagne for dinner.

We ate our Lasagne whilst watching Hancock and just chilled out. 

Tomorrow is a day we plan to work for a lot of the day and get some stuff done and we are looking forward to it as it will be fun!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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