Place 45 – Day 3: Sydney – Sanding, Filling, Hockey Kit Purchasing & Long Dog Walks

We were up early to get some work done before ice hockey was on.

We moved a lot of items out of the room we are renovating and we also did some washing up. 

When our host woke up, we figured out what we had to do and started filling the holes in the walls. There are large holes between the door frame and wall so we filled those as well as Sanding down the unpainted wall to get it nice and smooth. 

Curtis then sat and watched ice hockey whilst Kim watched a Jack Whitehall comedy on Netflix. 

We had a lovely lunch of a homemade pizza with tomato and feta cheese.

Once our TV had finished, we took a 45 minute drive to an ice hockey warehouse to buy some remaining ice hockey kit for Curtis as he needs some for future locations. We did that for about 45 minutes and got all that was needed before we got back and went right back out for a long dog walk. 

We took Alfie for a 20 minute walk as we wanted to get McDonald’s milkshakes so we took that as an opportunity to get some!

We got back and relaxed for a bit while doing some admin and booking for future places. 

We then had a wonderful dinner from our host which was grilled salmon (on the BBQ) as well as rice, runner beans and zucchini.

We had homemade apple and blueberry tart for dessert with some ice cream and had a nice long conversation. We had a great day and tomorrow we won’t be working so we have made some fun plans!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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