Place 45 – Day 2: Sydney – Dog Walk & Slight Cleanup

We woke up a little late without a day plan but we then found some cleaning around the house to do. We vacuumed the floor and washed the dishes and hung out laundry.

We were then shown the room we are going to be renovating and what we needed to do. We moved some books from the room into our room where we put them into a bookshelf. 

We then took Alfie, the Labradoodle, for a short walk at the park. He seemed to have a good time! 

We planned to go and meet a friend for some drinks, but Curtis suddenly fell ill so we had to cancel it!

Our host made some vegetarian Lasagne and Kim had that with some salad whilst Curtis just had some toast with butter.

Curtis is feeling better now, but still not 100%!

The plan is to get some work done early in the morning and then run an errand in the afternoon. 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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