Place 45 – Day 1: Sydney 🇦🇺 – Assault Course & A Labradoodle 


This morning, Kim made wonderful pancakes with some fruit, maple glazed bacon & egg…delicious!

Curtis watched ice hockey and Kim went out with our host to an assault course! Kim had a wonderful time throwing herself around the place.

We finally got ready and packed everything up for our drive. We then left Canberra having not done much but certainly making a new friend!

We left for a 3 hour or so drive. 

The drive actually took a little bit longer as we had to go around a toll road but it was a pleasant drive! We went through a storm too, which was good fun! We saw some lightning and the temperature drop and rise again. Very Interesting!

We finally arrived in Sydney! Driving in Sydney is horrible and we would not recommend!

We parked up and were welcomed into our house for 2 weeks! We are staying with a family of the mum, dad, son and daughter, as well as a mini Labradoodle!

We were made to feel very welcome and we discussed our travels and where we are from in England and then we had dinner! We had a wonderful chicken breast with a very nice cream sauce along with green beans and a salad.

We chatted for a bit more and then off to bed it was… We’re exhausted!


Mr & Mrs Hale 

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