Place 43 – Day 8: Melbourne – Massive Garden Cleanup pt2, St Kilda Beach & Penguins! 

We woke up nice and early and cracked on with our final 3.25 hours of work. We removed the remaining rubbish and the we moved the grass to the area which is used for composting. 

We finally finished this and then we went inside and Curtis watched ice hockey for a couple of hours before we headed out!

We took the train to the centre and got some lunch and a Vietnamese coffee!

We stumbled apon the tram we needed to catch and so jumped on that (it was very busy!) to get to St Kilda Beach.

We have a friend that was at the beach, so we contacted him and found out where he was! The weather was nice and warm, so we just sat with Kris (whom we met in Kuala Lumpur) and chatted on the sand.

Shortly after, Curtis’ friend Luke, who played ice hockey with him in the UK, joined us and we all just chatted for a few hours on the beach!

As the sun started to set, we went and got McDonald’s and then walked to the pier. 

At the pier was where we saw some penguins! There are penguins that come out at night here in Melbourne and we stood for a couple of hours. We only got to see about 4 (baby) penguins, but we spent some good time with our friends!

We took a tram to the train station, but we had an interesting ride! The tram was incredibly busy to start with, but there was also a guy that was incredibly high, and he was a bit crazy!

We spoke to some people from Germany, Sweden, Russia & New Zealand! A multicultural tram ride!

We then took the 20 minute train ride back to our home, but we grabbed a drink at the supermarket on the walk back. 

No work tomorrow, so just fun stuff! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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