Place 43 – Day 6: Melbourne – Meeting Friends & Vietnamese Food

We got some laundry done in the morning and were shown around the garden and what to do over the weekend by our host.

Curtis watched ice hockey for a couple of hours and then we headed out to meet our friend Merlijn who we met in Adelaide!

We met her at the Flinders Street train station and also bumped into 3 German girls that we also met in Adelaide! Small world!

We took a walk around looking at street art and then we separated to get some food.

We went to a cheap Vietnamese street food place and had a wonderful meal! Curtis had 3 types of pork (shredded, ‘loaf’ & chop) with vegetables, rice and egg. Kim had BBQ Chicken cold noodle salad and we shared a large rice paper roll. It was delicious and a great price.

We left the restaurant very full and saw a lot of police and police horses. We were curious so we asked what was going on and there was a protest which was pro-refugees. We stopped around to watch and it was interesting to watch!

We went to meet Merlijn again and we were going to go somewhere but due to the protest the trams weren’t running as planned and it was all a bit too much effort at such a late time, so we went to a nearby park and ate some doughnuts there!

We got on a train back to our house and th the family here have gone for the weekend so we sat and watched some TV and had some wine.


-Mr & Mrs Hale 


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