Place 43 – Day 5: Melbourne – ACMI, National Gallery & Gardening 

We got up at a decent time and it was raining! It was forecast to rain all day so that ruined our plans for work.

Instead of working, we went to the city to do some free stuff!

We took the train for about 20 minutes and arrived in the centre. We walked to ACMI and went in for the free exhibition. 

This is a media history museum and exhibition. It has sections where you can play video games, watch old movies and see old technology. It was very interesting!

We left here and went for a Subway for lunch!

We left subway and went to the National Gallery of Victoria. This has a lot of art in it. We stayed here for only about 30 minutes and it wasn’t hugely interesting for us. Kim did get to dip her feet in a pool though as it was an exhibition which you were allowed to go in!

We went from here to a shopping centre which had a Muffin Break in. This was a perfect stop for a mocha! 

Whist we walked the streets, we saw a lot of awesome street art in the back streets!

We went to the shop and then headed back on the train. 

We got back and we went out to the garden to organise some things around and throw things out etc. 

We finished this up and then had asparagus risotto (didn’t actually end up having it the other day!).

After dinner, Curtis cleaned up whilst everyone else went out. Kim went with our host to look after a child at an event that our host was going to. 

Hopefully the weather picks up tomorrow!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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