Place 43 – Day 4: Melbourne – Board Games

We woke up at around 10:00 and had breakfast.

We had a list of things to do and it was basically house work. We began with laundry and we got a lot of laundry done! We had to dismantle a pop up tent that was in the garden which we did easily and then we had to get the house cleaned. We cleaned top to bottom and all in all it took us around 5 hours to do the laundry and the house cleaning!

We had a lovely dinner which was pasta with tomato and cheese with home baked bread and some veggies. Delicious!

We relaxed after clearing up and then we played a board game! The game was called Muchkin. It’s an RPG board game and takes a while to play but shouldn’t take longer than an hour… For us? It took us 3 hours to complete with 4 of us… It was crazy fun though and Kim even won!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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