Apollo Bay

Place 42 – Day 5: Apollo Bay – Brick Chicken House, Log Wall Ver. 2 & Mowing 

We started the day with the plan to rake the garden, which we started yesterday. As with everything, plans changed.

The goat, which we have named petal due to her petal-shaped ears, decided to use some conveniently placed bricks to climb up and jump over the fence, so we quickly decided that we had to move those bricks!

Moving the bricks took a while and, along with seeing a Huntsman spider, we eventually moved them to where we were going to use them to build a little chicken house. 

We made a chicken house from the bricks and it looked pretty good!

We decided that we would change the location of the house, so we had to pick up all of the bricks and move them to another location.

Along with doing this, we finished some raking and we did some other tasks such as moving some wood from one place to the next.

We then built a log wall as we did in Norway!

We finished up with a cuppa outside and then came in for a Thai Green Curry which was tasty!

It was a long busy day, but a good one! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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