Place 42 – Day 3: Apollo Bay: Kim’s Birthday πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ, Busy Day & We Got A Kidd!Β 


We were up nice and early to get into town and get stuff done with our host.

We went to a place called Forrest and had a coffee at a brewery there.

We then left and went to Colac, which is the nearest big town to do some admin and shopping. 

We went to the car registration place, the bank and then our host went for a coffee with a friend and we just went for a wander around. 

Once we were done with our wander, we went to where our host had choir practice. We just sat around and listened whilst using the free wifi. We were having a great time laughing at people having disagreements about the music and we were in general just provided with excellent entertainment!

We left here and went to a bakery and had a pie! 

We did a bit of shopping and then went to pick up a goat, which was great fun! 

Kim had the goat sat with her on the ride back to the house and it was surprisingly good. 

We got the Kidd back to the house and put it with the sheep as a bit of company. We soon realised that the goat had escaped and was wondering around outside the garden! We walked around with it and then she decided to run away a little bit! Curtis had to catch the goat and carry it back. We put it in the garage for tonight to get it alimatised to everyone here and the location. 

For dinner, we had a pre roasted chicken from the supermarket with potatoes and vegetables. It was delicious! We then had chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert. 

We had a great day, although we were doing things from 08:30 to 18:30!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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