Apollo Bay

Place 42 – Day 2: Apollo Bay – Spring Clean & Wild Koalas

We woke up later then we planned as Kim’s phone was in the wrong time zone!

We got up and Kim made breakfast. It was planned to be pancakes but ended up being French toast with fresh fruit as we didn’t have the ingredients for pancakes. 

We ate and then went out to start a spring clean! We emptied a room and cleaned it from head to toe as well as throwing out things that we didn’t need. We hung up laundry and had a laugh as Curtis fell over a fence! (he was fine)

We relaxed, had a drink and a cheese toast and then went with our host to Apollo Bay’s centre!

Before we left, we saw a koala by the house making noise. There was a family of them there this morning! 

Our host has choir tonight, so we are just going to explore the area!

We had a pizza which was delicious and then explored around Apollo Bay. 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

1 thought on “Place 42 – Day 2: Apollo Bay – Spring Clean & Wild Koalas”

  1. You’re fast asleep right now, miles away from us, we just want to wish you a Happy 23rd Birthday for tomorrow darling. Hope you have a great day. We all love you so very much and miss you lots too.

    With love from Mum, Dad, Abbie, Sam and Ollie-dog Xoxoxo

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