Place 41 – Day 7: Adelaide – Shark Chase! 

Today is our final day in Adelaide!

Curtis watched hockey in the morning and then we had breakfast and got ready before going to the beach!

The weather was much warmer today, so a beach day was ideal. 

We walked along the beach before we realised that a helicopter was coming in and a life boat was out to sea.

We thought at first that someone was drowning and it was a rescue, but then it didn’t look like one so we thought it was training. 

We saw a life guard on the beach and, like everyone else was, we asked what was going on. He explained that a small (2m!) shark had been spotted and they were chasing it away! This went on for a while before it was all clear. The shark wasn’t too far out either!

After this, we walked along the beach and found a spot to sit and chill. We sat and drank a drink and listened to some music.

We needed to go to the shop so we made sure that we left with plenty of time and made the walk back to the apartment and grabbed the car.

We got some pesto for cheese and tomato pesto pasta, which we also made for our host!

We are leaving tomorrow morning for a 9 hour drive. We leave early and we will no longer be in Adelaide but will be on our way to our next adventure! 

The weather is meant to be getting nice, too!


-Mr & Mrs Hale 


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