Place 41 – Day 6: Adelaide – Mt Lofty

We were intending to wake up at a decent time, but we didn’t get out of bed until around 12:00!

We went to the shop quick to get some groceries for breakfast. 

We had hash browns, beans, French toast and bacon!

By the time we got ready and left it was around 14:00, but this made no difference!

We took the 35 minute drive to Mt Lofty. We were going to walk up, but decided that as we had the car and it was fairly warm that it would be rude not to drive up!

We drove to the top and stopped in at the Cafe for a cappuccino!

We then went to the viewing deck which had beautiful views of the city!

We walked the ‘discovery’ path which was just a 15 minute walk around the summit which was through a forest area with some funky trees and nice views!

We left here and went to the shop again but this time for dinner. We had chilli con Carne on top of potato wedges with a side salad and it was delightful!

We then caught up on some TV as well as looking at some places to stay in the future, but mostly just watching TV!


-Mr & Mrs Hale 


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