Place 41 – Day 5: Adelaide – Museum pt. 2, picnic pt2 & first Couchsurfing experience! 

We checked out of our hostel but were able to leave the car there, so we did just that and walked to the museum. 

We finished the rest of the museum, which ended up taking 2 hours! 

We started at the discovery center, which had interesting animals like the redback spider along with snakes and other animals. 

We then went to the pacific section which is a section dedicated to areas like Papua new Guinea, new zealand, new Caledonia and areas like that. This was, again, very interesting!

We saw the space section as well as the Egypt section, which had real mummified bodies and body parts which are amazing! 

We finished the museum with the animal section which had stuffed animals from all different parts of the world.

The museum turned out to be really awesome and free!

We got back to the hostel and decided on a picnic again, so we took Merlijn, Emily (a German girl) and Merlijn’s friend to the Botanic garden for a picnic! We had a great time but then it got cold so we went back to the hostel.

We left the hostel after about 1 hour to get to our first Couchsurfing host! We turned up at what we thought was the right house but it turned out to be incorrect and we had a chat with a nice English man and saw his lovely borer collie dog! 

We then figured out we went to 35 instead of 53 which made sense as to why it was incorrect!

We got to our Couchsurfer and had a chat for an hour or so before we went for a walk to the beach and a spot to eat!

We had a beer and a lovely pie dinner with our host at a pub which was lovely! We were right in line with where the sun was setting which was absolutely stunning!

So far, couchsurfing is awesome!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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