Place 41 – Day 2: Adelaide – Chinatown & City Exploration 

We woke up at 08:30 for pancakes which were included in our hostel price!

We had a few of these each with cinnamon sugar/lemon & sugar. This was a tasty way to start the day!

We spent the day at the hostel messaging people on workaway and helpx for our next few places to ensure we get it booked before we get there and hopefully for a decent price!

We did this for pretty much the whole day and then went quickly to the supermarket to get some pasta, cheese, pesto & tomatoes to make pesto pasta!

We had our pesto pasta which Kim made along with a side salad and then we went back to the room to sort out our clothes which we had to wash due to bed bugs which Kim was clearly attacked by last night! We had to wash everything today, including our shoes and bags! This took us a part of the day just before dinner where we wanted to go out, which meant we could only go out in the evening.

We went out after dinner to Chinatown which is a 2 minute walk from our hostel. It wasn’t that interesting but we got the usual photo of the beginning of Chinatown. 


We went to explore a few areas around us including a small square and we saw some nice buildings!

We got back to the hostel and tried to get some more places to stay. We are a little paranoid about having to sleep in the car after driving around trying to find somewhere again so we are forward planning… Probably not ‘proper’ traveling, but oh well!


-Mr & Mrs Hale 


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