Place 41 – Day 1: Adelaide 🇦🇺- Civilization 


We left around 08:00 this morning to get to Adelaide.

This was an 8 hour drive and one of the parts of the drive was through port augusta.

This was the first place in a long time that seemed to have a decent amount of people in it! It was right around lunch time so we stopped here for a coffee (milkshake for Kim).

 Just before we came into Port Augusta, we saw a beautiful view of the mountains around the area. It has been a while since we had seen anything other than flat ground around us, so it was very beautiful and so we had to snap some photos! We also saw a pink lake or two!

At some point throughout the drive whilst Kim was driving, we saw what looked like a dead kangaroo in the middle of the opposite lane of traffic. There is a lot of dead kangaroos on the roads here, but it was only until we were only about 1 meter from the animal that we noticed it was alive and in fact a cat.. Let’s just say that when you run a cat over, it makes a lot of noise! Kim did her best to get out the way, but there is only so much you can do when you are driving 90-100kph and a cat jumps in front of you!

We think that the cat was an engdangered cat which lives in the outback, but hey… Whatcha gunna do?

We arrived in Adelaide and saw ‘Saliabury’ so that was a little nod to home!

It is very odd to be in a major city again! We got to the hostel and we were meant to be in separate rooms (male/female dorms) but they were kind enough to move us to a mixed dorm together! We got our stuff and then went straight to a shop to buy something for dinner.

We found tuna & a baked potato which we put together with sweetcorn and it was tasty! We also had a nice side salad which topped it off nicely.

We spent the rest of the evening trying to get some things booked because we have decided that we hate ‘going with the flow’… We’re such old people!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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