Place 38: Day 3 – Esperance – Fruit & Veg Delivery, Selling Mulberries & Lemons, Driving a Forklift & New Chickens! 

We started a little earlier today as today was fruit and veg day! On these days, a delivery of fruit, vegetable & mixed comes to the farm and then are placed in the cooler. 

This delivery was meant to be between 07:30 & 08:00. We were making breakfast and it arrived at 07:10! We scrambled to get ready and unloaded the boxes into the cooler. 

After this, we packed some eggs and collected some also. 

Customers then started to arrive to collect there box orders. Whilst this was starting, we went out to collect some mulberries, lemons and limes to sell in the shop for a bit of cash!

We sold out of mulberries and then collected more and then sold some more, which was awesome! We also sold 12 lemons! 

We promise, it’s mulberry juice!

We did some more egg grading, tidied up and then we were done for the day! It was about 5 hours but it felt like 10 minutes! Shows that we enjoyed it, I guess! 

Kim had some fun with the heavy duty leaf blower whilst cleaning, too! 

We had some lunch which our host made us. This was avocado toast with a poached egg, bacon, salad & feta cheese. It was tasty! 

We did a few odd job things, like getting to use a forklift! We moved some pallets around. 

All of a sudden, the wind picked up and sand & other items were being flung around the place! Trees were loosing branches and it was a little bit of chaos! 

We looked into some places that we need to get booked and then we went out for dinner! 

We went to a pub down the road where we had a nice stone baked pizza! Curtis had a BBQ chicken one and Kim had a Margherita. 

We got back from the pub and waited on the arrival of 808 hens! 

These chickens arrived in cages, which we had to open and lift out the chickens. This took a surprisingly long time, but the chickens seemed happy and liking their new home! 

We never thought we would be lifting 808 chickens from cages into a coup! 

It’s all great fun! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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