Place 38 – Day 2: Esperance – Egg Packing, Collecting Eggs & Beaches

We started the day at 07:00, showered, had breakfast and went straight over to the shop where the eggs are sold to get grading and packaged. 

The machine, which was made in the 1940s, sorts the eggs by weight, stamps them and puts them into each weight’s section of the machine. Once this is done, the person on the end will put them into the required egg carton, stamp them with the best before date and put them in the correct crate. This was actually very fun and kept us busy, all whilst learning about eggs! 

We finished the first batch of this and then collected eggs from the chickens again before continuing with grading. 

We had a few customers come in and purchase eggs and one set of people were very interested in the machine and how it works which was nice. 

Our host bought us a wonderful iced coffee which was made with ice cream and was probably the best thing we have had ever..

After this, we were pretty much done with work, other than a bit of egg cleaning and cleaning up the area. 

We needed to the run and complete some errands such as getting fuel, taking back some items to target and buying some more items. We picked up some dinner ingredients from the supermarket and then went on the Great Ocean Drive which is a tourist drive here in Esperance. 

This drive goes around the coast for 30km and the are some beautiful beaches and scenes around here. We stopped a few times, took photos and went to the beaches. We didn’t do the whole journey but what we saw was beautiful! 

We headed back and when we got back we went straight back out to another beach with our host. We took the dogs and a horse, did a walk on the beach before getting the horse out and Kim had a ride! Kim was taught how to do it which was very kind of Sally, our host, and Kim had a great time! 

We took a drive on the beach and see the sunset on there which was amazing!

We got back and Kim made a wonderful dinner of good old Hunter’s chicken. It was lovely especially accompanied by soy & balsamic vinegar broccoli and sweet potato wedges! 

Tomorrow is a busy day! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale


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