Place 38 – Day 1: Esperance🇦🇺 – 6.5 Hour Drive & An Egg Farm!


We were up and out of our lodge at around 10:30/11:00 this morning with a 6.5 hour drive ahead of us! 

We drove from Walpole to a place called Esperance, where we are now! 

This drive was very easy and was just one straight road, though it did look awesome when driving along them! 

Wonderful view from the car

At one point, we had to take a diversion onto a gravel track road, which added a little excitement to the drive! 

Along the route we stopped at a place for a leg stretch. This place was called ‘Jerramungup’. This was a small town, but according to a sign we saw is part of the biosphere area, which was an interesting fact! There was also a very old tractor next to the sign, too! 

We continued on and made it to our place we are staying in Esperance. We are doing our first ‘Workaway’ (like HelpX). We are working on an egg farm! This is a fairly large farm just owned by one woman with one employee and a few friends helping out. We will be doing egg collecting & sorting, using an old 1940s machine, as well as some other tasks. 

We arrived and were welcomed by the owner who is absolutely lovely! We had a chat for a bit along with a coffee and then went out to collect some eggs and feed the horses. 

The horses were beautiful and we will show you some photos when it isn’t dark! 

There are a lot of chickens and therefore a lot of eggs..put it this way, just yesterday over 2000 eggs were found! These are sold from here in a little shop as well as chickens! 

We then had a few beers and long chats over dinner which was chicken in a wonderful homemade creamy mustard sauce with mushrooms and asparagus. This was accompanied by some salad with feta cheese and roasted beetroot crisps. It was a great dinner and incredible tasty! 

We aren’t too sure how long we are here, but we do have another location we are off to next. 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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