Place 36 – Day 4: Perth – Fremantle Prison & A $10 Pub Crawl 

We took the train to a place called Fremantle, which is only about 7 stops away. 

We got off at the train station and walked for about 5 minutes before we got to the prison. The town we walked through, Fremantle, was beautiful and very much like a British town/village. 

We got to the prison and paid for a ticket to do 2 tours. These tours were one within the prison and the daily life and another was all about escapes. 

The escapes was the first tour we did which was mostly just being told stories about attempted escapes as well as seeing some rooms. We were on this tour for 1.5 hours.

We finished this tour and waited for just 5 minutes before having the ‘daily life’ tour.

This tour consisted of seeing all of the cells as well as the punishment rooms, solitary confinement and the gallows. 

We finished this tour and that was a total of 3 hours. 

We then went back on the train and met up with Hayley, our friend, again and had a couple of drinks before going on the pub crawl ran by our hostel. 

We paid $10 to get one free drink at the tour location before going to a bar and getting a burger and 2 drinks. 
We then went to 2 more bars, getting 2 spirits here. 

We certainly had enough to drink! Enough to get some food after! 

We then went to sleep waiting for an early morning to buy our car!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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