Place 36 – Day 3: Perth – Car Purchasing Problems, Elizabeth Quay & $5 Burger & Beer

We were up at a good time to grab breakfast and leave to get the money for the car we’re buying…This did not go to plan…

We could only take a certain amount from our account due to our account having limits, so we knew this would be a fun day! 

We met with the guy we are buying from and discussed our options in terms of payment and we eventually decided to create a contract and organise that we get out the money over the next few days and hopefully buy the car on Friday! 

We did this throughout about 4 hours and were tired and hungry so we got a snack and a drink before we went out to actually do something. 

We had heard that Elizabeth Quay was nice, so we headed down there and luckily the weather had improved and it was nice and warm as well as sunny. 

The quay was very relaxing even though it was right next to the hustle and bustle of the CBD.

We walked around a little bit and took a seat occasionally at different points just enjoying the heat and relaxing which was nice after having to use brain power for a few hours! 

We left the quay and walked back to the hostel before we walked to meet Kim’s friend again and we walked to the Mustang Bar where we got a burger and beer for $5! The burger was actually really good and the beer wasn’t bad (though very small!). 

We got another drink and then went to the supermarket to get some muffins! 

Hayley invited us to her hostel and we had a beer each and just chatted for a few hours. On the way back, we saw a guy running and noticed he was running from the police! There was then a lot of police cars and vans so that was an interesting thing to see! 

Hopefully we get the car soon! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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