Place 36 – Day 2: Perth – We Have a Whip! 

We have a car! (Kinda)

We planned to visit a few car dealerships today looking for a car and they were all a little bit of a distance away, so we took the train. We rode a few stops and the dealership was right next to the train station so it was easy to get to. The dealer was really nice amd helpful and was able to show us a car which he just had in. It was a Toyota Corolla and fairly old but in really good condition and nice to drive. It was also a good price so it was definitely an option! 

We then took a walk to another place called a ‘warehouse’ which when we got there it was a little expensive for us and we were told about a place down the road which will have cheaper cars. The place was run by a Brit who was informative and had a few cars for us to look at but there wasn’t much that was great there. 

We then went to the shopping centre to get some WiFi and organise some meetings with some private sellers. 

We organised a few and walked back to the train station to get back to our hostel. 

After a bit of waiting and about 3 hours later, we had seen 3 cars and pretty much made our decision! 

The first car we saw was a Holden Zafira which was basically perfect for us and the guy was very nice. 

We then had to wait for the next guy which was 35 minutes late and then the car was okay but not amazing.

We saw the final car and the guy turned up and the car was much smaller than we though but it was nice. The guy took us for a quick ride in it but we weren’t really interested.

After this we basically made our decision to buy the Holden Zafira and so we called him to let him know and we get it tomorrow! 

This means we can drive around Australia and save a lot of money! 

We saw a poster in our hostel that said at 20:00 at a nightclub there is a free BBQ and a free drink, which sounded perfect! This then turns out that this had changed and was at 21:00 instead. 

Kim has a friend that was staying just down the road and so we met with her to go to the club. 

We took a train to where the club was and got to the club, ready for our free dinner! 

We got to the security and were ready with our ID…This wasn’t good enough and we actually needed our passports which we didn’t have, so back on the train it was! 

We got back and found McDonald’s and grabbed some chicken nuggets to go with our beer and we just sat and chilled with Kim’s friend at her hostel and had a chat. 

We get a car tomorrow! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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