Place 34 – Day 5: Townsville – Looking For Cars & Other Admin

We spent to day just doing admin. It felt almost like we were at work today with the amount of ‘work’ we had to do! 

We had an application to complete and then we had to look into cars we can buy here in Australia as we are here for a while and a car would be easier. This took way longer than we expected. We looked up all regulations regarding buying, registering & insuring a car in Australia and before we knew it it was 16:30! 

We needed a few more things from the shop, such as cereal, milk and some things for dinner, so we took a quick walk there before coming back and making dinner. 

Kim made a style of chilli con carne with potato wedges and we had a beer and a chat with our host and had some dinner with him! It was a really nice early evening just chatting about past experiences and our plans for the future. 

We then decided what we would do for tomorrow, which will be fun! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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