Place 34 – Day 4: Townsville – Magnetic Island, Koalas & Wallabies!

We were up nice and early this morning with a bag packed and swimming clothes on! We had french toast for breakfast and then left for the bus to the ferry terminal. 

We got to the ferry terminal, bought a ticket for both the boat and for all day travel on the busses on Magnetic Island. 

The island was only about a 20 minute journey across the water. Once we arrived, we just missed the bus so we walked to the first ‘bay’ called ‘Alma Bay’. Before we hit the bay, we walked to a spot where there are rock wallabies! We saw these wallabies, which are wild, and we watched them hopping around. They are beautiful creatures! 

 Alma bay was beautiful, quiet and relaxing! By this point we were so warm and just couldn’t wait to get into the water. We went straight into the water and spent some time there just poodling around and swimming. 

Alma Bay

We left this bay and caught the bus to horseshoe bay, which we were using purely for a food stop! We were looking for a pie again, but all we could come across was a lunchtime deal on lamb, chips & gravy which sounded perfect to us! We sat down and munched away at this delicious feast before continuing our day. 

We hopped back onto the bus and went to ‘The Forts’. This has a fort within it, as well as a demolished fort and also, we were promised koalas! 🐨

We didn’t see any koalas for a bit of the walk, but then we saw a baby followed by some more adult kualas! Everyone helps by telling you where they are, and people even make arrows on the floor with sticks to show you where they are. This area is a nature reserve and all of the koalas are technically wild! They are so cute and one was even reclining for us! 

Posing Koala

We took a while to walk around this area as it was a long, long walk to get to the top of the fort, which did have beautiful views! 

The view from the fort
A gun emplacement

We walked back down the track and took a steep hill down towards another bay. We were told that Florence bay was a great place to go and was remote, but it was a very long, hilly walk and we were far too hot and tired for that! We got to a beach called ‘Arthur Bay’ which was again, beautiful. We stopped here, relaxed on the sand for a bit but mostly played around in the sea, just messing around and being pretty childish, which is so much fun!

Arthur Bay

This was the perfect beach to end on! We left here and went back to Alma bay and to see the wallabies! Unfortunately, there were a lot of people around now but there was a lovely man that knows a lot about the wallabies and was handing out some pellets for them so you can feed them and get a stroke! Kim took the opportunity. We tried to see if we could get a beautiful sunset, but it wasn’t that beautiful. We did however get a very nice photo! 

We took a boat back in the dark which was nice, though we definitely both fell asleep! 

We got back and Kim made a wonderful Sheppard’s pie…it was delicious! 

Being in the sea all day is very tiring! 

We got to see wild kualas and wallabies?! How crazy is that? 

Traveling is awesome. 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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