Place 34 – Day 3: Townsville – Castle Hill

We are exhausted!

We walked up Castle Hill today. 

Before we walked up the hill, we had to get our laundry and hang it out. Where we are staying has a washing machine under the house which is accessed via a locked gate. This gate turned out to be very difficult to open and, after over 15 minutes of trying, both of us, Kim was finally able to open it! It turns out, you have to push down on the bottom bar of the gate to open it easier. This was a very interesting way to start the day! After this, we left to walk up the hill…

Castle hill is named this as it was the hill in the town previously called ‘castletown’ before being called Townsville. This means that there is unfortunately no castle. 

This is a big hill which is right in the central area of the city, which is an interesting thing to see, when all other streets are flat, one street had a giant hill/mountain on it! 

We took about 1 hour to walk to the hill’s base and then, reluctantly and wearing flipflops (for some rediculous reason!), We walked up towards the peak of the mountain. Today was very hot. The heat itself wasnt as hot as yesterday, but there was much less cloud so it felt much hotter. 

We stopped only a couple of times and it must have taken us over an hour to teach the summit, where the were a lot of people because they are able to drive up! 

We got some brilliant photos on the way up and down as well as at the summit. It was well worth the tiredness and pain going up and (more so) going down! 

We walked down the hill again…slowly and in the way…before we got back to the base. We were rather tired but found free WiFi and headed for a pie shop. We had seen advertisments for pies everywhere so we had to get one! We went to pie house and shared a steak and mushroom pie which was absolutely delicious!

Once we ate this and relaxed a little, we made our way back home to start on some dinner! Kim had a chat with her sister on facetime as it is her birthday! 

Kim made minced beef and cheese stuffed lightly toasted peppers with a side of mixed peppers and homemade paprika potato wedges…This was a beautiful dinner! 

Doesn’t look great but it was wonderful!

Tomorrow we have big plans and it will be a good read, hopefully! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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