Place 34 – Day 1: Townsville 🇦🇺 – The Strand 


Our flight last night was delayed by one hour, but once we got onto the plane, we slept for most of the time! 

We landed in Australia and had to go through a pretty extensive check, but we were all good and able to enter the country! We were picked up by our AirBnB host, who is lovely, and were taken to our house! We have a lovely room with a very comfy bed! 

We needed to get some food from the supermarket so we could cook for the first time in months, so we walked the 5/10 minutes down the road in the very hot weather to get to the shop and we bought all the required items which should hopefully last us for the week! 

We got back and had a wonderful Breakfast made by Kim! A bacon, egg and cheese sandwich with a side of baked beans and bacon! What could be better?! 

We got ready and left to explore! We took a 1.5 hour walk to a beach called the Strand.


This was more like a lot of different beaches together, but it was very hot and peaceful! 

The centre is much more busy than anywhere else as you would expect, but elsewhere you barely see or hear anyone else…It’a quite eery! 

We took the 1.5 hour walk back and stopped in a shop on the way back to the house as it is our hosts’ birthday so we got him some beer and ourselves a very cheap bottle of wine! 

Kim made a pasta Bolognese and it was amazing to have home cooked food for the first time in months! 

Tonight is an early night with more plans tomorrow! 

We are liking Australia so far! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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