Place 33 – Day 5: Ubud – Elephant Cave & Ubud Centre

We were checking out today, at 12:00, so we made sure we packed this morning (we didn’t bother last night!) And we checked out at pretty much exactly 12:00. 

We left our bags and rented a scooter again to see what we can do until 20:00! 

We went to Elephant cave which was quite close to us. This is an old Hindu temple (and a Buddhist temple) and the Hindu temple also has a part in a cave (all be it a tiny one!). 

This was fairly interesting though it wasn’t something we could be at all day! When we went to the Buddhist temple, a man splashed our heads with holy water, which was interesting! 
We both had to wear sarongs and Curtis got to wear a fetching pink one! 
We left the elephant cave and still had some time to kill before our dinner reservation so we went to Ubud centre. We found where our dinner place was and then went for a walk. We came across an ice cream shop which also sold coffee, so a sit down and a cappuccino it was! 
We left here and went for a walk around. We found a market which we went for a walk around in which was a good way to pass time. We got bored of the market so we took the bike and went to a cat cafe, which turned out to be far too expensive so we took the bike back to where we had booked for dinner and just walked around Ubud again. We came across another temple with a pond with lotus flowers in. It was a very beautiful place, though there were a lot of tourists! 

We went for our dinner and it was pretty tasty! Curtis had chicken with green vegetables and Kim has orange & mint chicken. We then had a dessert too! Kim had a chocolate tart and Curtis had a lemon pie. Both were far too filling but Kim was able to take hers with her. 
For some reason, on our way back, we had to go pretty slow due to a parade going on, which we aren’t sure what it was about! 
We got back and it was nearly dark, but we went to grab a drink quick. We got back and handed over the scooter, got changed and now we have an hour to wait for our taxi to the airport! 

Selemat Tinggal!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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